In GOP Bloggers: Why Is GOP Committing Suicide on Economy? they lament that “the nation as a whole is destined for a poor, European-style economy.
OK, let’s see.. Europe: 35-hour workweek. Minimum of five weeks paid vacation. Health care for everyone. Paid child care and maternity for everyone. Good public schools. Generous pensions beginning at age 57. 45% percent of single women in poverty in America vs 5-13% in Europe. Outstanding public transportation systems. Etc.
U.S.: none of the above.

2 thoughts on “European-Style

  1. Let’s See:
    U.S.A.: Phenomenal expenditures on state-of-art military hardware. Gov’t funded employment, with excellent pensions (if they survive that long) for well over 1 million soldiers. Extensive world-wide spy networks.
    Europe: none of the above.
    You see? It all depends on what is important to you.

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