Ethnic Cleansing In Iraq If We Leave?

Gates sees Iraq "ethnic cleansing" if U.S. pulls out,

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Wednesday warned that limiting troops’ activities in
Iraq and withdrawing from Baghdad could lead to “ethnic cleansing” in the capital and elsewhere in the country.

I agree. Civil war is happening now, but who protects the civilians if we leave? This is what Bush brought to Iraq, maybe to the region. But what do we do now? Do we stay and try to keep the civil war from turning into out-and-out slaughter? Of course, with Bush in charge that isn’t even what we are doing there…
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1 thought on “Ethnic Cleansing In Iraq If We Leave?

  1. George W. (worst) Bush has induced a moral delima for the U.S. No citizen with a conscience could want the killing and devastation in Iraq to continue, much less increase whether we stay or leave. The question becomes will bringing our soldiers home exacerbate or ameliorate the current conditions. What I do believe is that we cannot when the hearts and minds of Iraquis and other countries in the Middle East, the stakeholders, if we can’t do something as simple as treat children who bear no responsibility for the conflict with compasion. This broke my heart.
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