Essential News Sites

Answering a question — in the News Sources listing on the left, down a ways, it is Drudge ReTort with a ‘T’. So I changed it a bit to make it more clear. The listing now looks like this:

News Sources:

Common Dreams
Daou Report
Drudge ReTort
Information Clearing House
Raw Story
Smirking Chimp
What REALLY Happened
Working for Change
These are essential sources of information. Tell people about them. Especially tell people who need to learn about alternative sources of news. Tell the quiet, shy secretary down the hall. Tell the loud right-winger in the Sales Department. Make copies of this list and stick it on bulletin boards and telephone poles or leave them in coffee shops, (adding the web address for each site because you can’t click on paper.) We need more and more people coming to these alternative news sources, and blogs.
Did you know that you can click on “Email this entry” at the end of each Seeing the Forest post, and automatically e-mail the post to someone?
While I’m discussing sites, take a look at Patriot Daily.
And always, every day, go to the Daou Report.

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  1. Thank you so much for this list. I did not know of most of them and I will certainly pass this list on to others.

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