Equal Time

Chris at MyDD says to:

Email your local media and ask them to give time to Representative Hostettler’s offensive comments about Democrats and Christianity equal to what they gave to Howard Dean’s comments about Republicans and white Christians.

At MyDD there are links to help you do just that.

2 thoughts on “Equal Time

  1. Easy dodge: Hostettler is not the head of the RNC.
    I don’t buy it either, but that’s what they would say (if they felt they had to say something, which of course they do not).

  2. I gotta say more, Dave. I hoped you were going to stop the stupid whining about the corporate media. They can not be convinced, shamed or pressured to “do their jobs better”. They are doing their jobs perfectly. Their jobs are to forward the interests of their employers (and hence their own lucrative careers). Their employers’ interests are IDENTICAL to the interests of the Republican party.
    The only constructive thing to be said about the media is that when the time comes we will not forget whose side they were on. And we will certainly not forgot how much destruction and pain they caused. And we will not hesitate a moment to, in the familiar phrase used so often by the right, call them to account. Saying anything else is a waste of air.

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