ENRON TAPES – Full set of The Enron Tapes now available from FERC!

Feast your ears on this (but make sure your children’s are protected):

Here’s the filing:

Public Utility District 1 of Snohomish County, WA fowards Exhibit SNO-245, a CD containing .wav audio files that correspond to transcripts etc re Enron Power Marke ting Inc under EL03-180 et al.

And this should take you directly to the full list of audio files (all 82 of them, I think).

As I mentioned before, complete transcripts of all the posted audio files are available (10 megabyte PDF of graphic images, non-searchable). Anyone out there have a sheet fed scanner with OCR software that could convert these back to text format (they’re a good candidate, the font and files are very clean)… I’d love to count how many times “fuck” can be heard in these files. 🙂

You can match up the posted sound files with the posted transcripts, by looking at Exhibit SNO-162 (starts on page 26 of the automatically generated PDF from FERC).

The ears of a lot of former Enron employees must be burning right now. 🙂 Which may be why the #2 person in Enron’s Investor Relations department pleaded out two days after the transcripts went public.

To look at even more files, do a search here and enter “EL03-180*” in the “docket” field, along with a suitably broad date range… we were told that there was ANOTHER team of listeners out there, composed of lawyers(?) who had access to the same set of raw materials that my group did. Presumeably, at some point, whatever they’ve found will be made public, and posted to the FERC web site.

Thomas Leavitt