ENRON TAPES – Enron: Weeding out the weak…

This is Matt Motley, a trader at Enron’s West Power desk, talking to another trader…

MATT: Yeah, that’s a bunch of bullshit. You know what – you know what really pisses me off?

TOM: The price caps?

MATT: The price caps! You know what -?

TOM: Fucking bullshit. It would take care of all the weak. Get ‘em out.

Another gem:

MATT: We need to get the fucking um – […] – environmentalists on this shit.

CBS News picked up on this one:

MATT: Tell you what – you heard this here first: When Bush wins –

TOM: Caps are gone.

MATT: That Fuckin’ Bill Richardson, he’s fuckin’ gone. The fucking, ah, Clinton, he’s fuck – all these fuckin’ ah, socialists are gone –

TOM: Yeah.

MATT: And who’s the biggest, ah, single contributor to the Bush campaigners?

TOM: You.

MATT: [laughs] Enron.

TOM: Enron. What?

MATT: Enron.

TOM: Is it Enron?

MATT: Yeah.

TOM: Jesus Christ. Is it – is that true?

MATT: Yeah, I think it is.

TOM: The biggest single contributor.

MATT: Yeah, the biggest corporate contributor to the –

TOM: Holy –

MATT: [simultaneous]

TOM: Really?! That’s huge.

MATT: And number one.

TOM: That’s huge.

MATT: Ken Lay’s going to be Secretary of Energy.

TOM: Get out of here!



MATT: But ah –

TOM: Can you imagine that? Why not, though? Why not? He could be, right?

MATT: Yeah. And why not? Who – you know, who’s to say why not? He could be.

TOM: That would be awesome, actually.

MATT: That would be – how great would that be for all the players in the market!

TOM: It’d be great. I’d love to see Ken Lay be Secretary of Energy.

MATT: He would open these markets up.