ENRON TAPES – Enron Audio Tapes now public!

Filing listing exhibits associated with the sound files.

These correspond to exibits SNO-179, SNO-203, SNO-221, SNO-222, SNO-223, SNO-224, SNO-227, SNO-230, SNO-240. These are the files that have been distributed to the news media over the past few days. “Grandma Millie” is in here, along with “Burn, baby, burn…” and all the other quotes you’ve seen recently.

There are another 73 audio tapes which it is my understanding will eventually become public (and available via the FERC web site), probably sooner rather than later. It is unclear what will happen to the rest of the 2600+ hours of audio… my personal hope is that some enterprising news reporter or author gets ahold of it via a FOIA request (or some equivalent). Even with all the confidentiality restrictions and exclusions, there’s enough material there to fill a full length novel (or two) and to get a picture of the character and style of each of the individuals involved and how much they knew (or didn’t know) about what was going on and the potential legal ramifications.

Thomas Leavitt