Enough Already!

Steve at The Left Coaster:

It’s Time For The Democrats To Start The “Enough, Already” Campaign
Regardless of how you feel about yesterday’s developments, may I suggest that if the Democrats were waiting for an opportune time to finally take the stage and make a claim for power, now is that time?
[. . .] the Democrats have their opening to begin the “Enough, Already” campaign for next year. Here are some possible lines of attack for such a campaign:

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5 thoughts on “Enough Already!

  1. The democrats will always choose the candidate that caters to the do-nothing, know-nothings. Only about a third of Democrats even pay income taxes. That’s why you hear all the crying about how the “rich” are getting all the tax cuts.
    Ya gotta pay income taxes before ya get income tax cuts, dumba**es.

  2. Fantastic pick-up Dave. I just read Steve Soto’s post and agree completely. It’s now or never time for the Democratic Party. Any Democrat who is incapable of growing a spineshould resign.
    Any Democrat who continues to help Bushco pass more tax cuts, more budget cuts or any other piece of legislation is unfit for public office.

  3. That assumes that demos disagree with these things on policy grounds and go along simply because they are cowards. Sadly, there are way too many democrats who sincerely vote for such things.

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