Energy and Digby

I was at this conference two years ago, and it had an old-left feel, sort of out of touch. Last year the conference conflicted with YearlyKos so I couldn’t attend. THIS year there is an every, a revival feeling. But there is also an awareness that there is a real fight ahead. As I wrote yesterday, in the opening session Bob Borosage talked about how we have “a teachable moment,” recognizing that we have to reach out to the public and offer them a new progressive vision – or they will go somewhere else.
Ron Kall over at OpEdNews writes, Tapping the Progressive Energy and Inspiration at the Take Back America Conference,

The attendance this year is way up, a record, exceeding 3000. As usual, it does not disappoint. Everywhere you turn there are smart, passionate, energized activists, dynamically engaged in making a difference. Most of the people’s badges list organizations, but even the folks without badges, when you get their story, are deeply involved in and committed to making a difference.

So I see a tremendous YearlyKos coming in August.
I met Digby last night. Since Digby is the speaker at the Blogger Awards at the dinner tonite I think I won’t give anything away now.