Open Left:: Personal Thoughts On Why I Haven’t Have Endorsed In 2008
I haven’t endorsed any candidate for President yet. I probably will before the primaries. I like Edwards a lot but I want him to explain HOW he made the mistake in his war vote and what he has learned from that. I wish Gore would enter the race – but he might be the answer if no one has enough delegates going into the convention and the convention can’t come to a decision. I hadn’t thought Obama has enough experience at a time when the country and the world are in a mess. But seeing him speak a couple of weeks ago – I think he is saying the things I want to public to hear in ways they should hear it, and that is important and part of finding a way through the mess we’re in. I think Hillary would bring a team in that could handle the mess but I don’t like some of the things she has done that seem to dismiss the progressive base, like supporting outlawing flag-burning.
I’m hearing good things about Dodd but don’t know enough. The joke about Biden that he can’t stop talking unfortunately isn’t a joke – I’ve seen it. He’s smart and has a good instinct but he isn’t really in the race, even if he doesn’t know it. Richardson – I don’t know enough.
So I at least don’t dislike any of the Democratic candidates.
Four years ago I didn’t like any of the candidates until Dean came along. So this is a different time.

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  1. I’m in no rush either. At least the Democrats seem to be in a lot better shape in their choice of possible candidates than the Republicans are. I like Edwards best so far, but could vote for any of the others if I had to. I’m still hoping that a potentially really strong LEADER might get into the race, though.

  2. Mr. Johnson, please take some time and explore and learn about Bill Richardson. I live on the CO/NM border and have watched what he’s done for NM. He’s absolutely worth a little research, please take some time and find out about him. You’ll be glad you did. He has much to offer this country even if he doesn’t make the cut in the upcoming elections.
    Thank you for all you do!
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