End Of The Republic

The End of the Republic,

When the president believes he can order someone on US soil killed because he thinks he’s a terrorist, when the Senate refuses to censure administration officials who lie under oath to it, when the argument about spying on Americans without a court order is about “you didn’t come to us to get permission first” – well, the corpse may be stumbling along, but it’s a zombie.

2 thoughts on “End Of The Republic

  1. I spent a good part of the day listening to the grilling of that sleezebag Gonzalas about Bush’s unauthorized spying. Interestingly, at least some of the Republican senators were asking questions at least as tough as those the Democrats were asking. Not that they were getting any real answers, but at least this is starting out as a bipartisan issue for a change. i suspect, though, that what will happen isn’t that Bush will be impeached but that they’ll pass a law to make this “legal.”

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