Enabling Limbaugh

Salon headline: Rush Limbaugh was right : The blogosphere’s reaction to the New Yorker cover proves that the Bush era has killed a lot of liberals’ sense of humor. And that’s not funny.
I’ll tell you what, I listen to Limbaugh and obviously people at the New Yorker and Salon don’t, so they have no idea what Limbaugh and the far right is about. They think a cover that shows Obama as a terrorist burning the flag is somehow funny, and have no idea what this enable Limbaugh to do now. But now Limbaugh is able to put out any racist thing he wants, and call it “funny” and say “even the liberal New Yorker does this stuff,” so we’re going to be seeing more and more of the nastiest stuff imaginable.
I bet Salon and The New Yorker don’t even know that Limbaugh has a line of products that “joke” about torturing people. I don’t think any of it is the least bit funny.