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I probably shouldn’t post this, but I have a temper too.
John Aravosis of Americablog, normally one of my favorite blogs, just posted an intemperate and unjustified slam at Rep. Cynthia McKinney, NOW, and the NAACP. The issue was McKinney’s recent altercation with the capitol police. Aravosis and several commenters went completely out of control, as did Neil Boortz. I don’t know enough about the specifics of the case to be sure what I think, but neither did Aravosis.
I’m not a regular there but I happened to be passing by. I was appalled and I suggested several times, reasonably temperately, that Aravosis delete his crappy post. I thought he was embarassing himself. So “the Emerson asshole” got banned.
Aravosis got a lot of more-or-less-unjustified criticism the other day, so I guess he’s a little testy, but his McKinney post was bullshit.
Perhaps we’ll all feel better in the morning.

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  1. John, I was stunned to see Arvosis treat you in such a nasty, dismissive manner. Sad that when newcomers rocket up in the blogosphere, they often have no sense of history.
    I agree that McKinney deserves to have her side heard – she’s earned that as one of the most Progressive members of Congress.

  2. John,
    McKinney is in the wrong. Admit it. I liked the Americablog piece, it was right on the money.
    McKinney screwed up, she ‘ought to take the high road and admit she screwed up. Playing the race card is low road.

  3. I saw at least part of her news conference. My hunch is there was more that didn’t get shown. Anyway, I gather that a Capitol cop grabbed her because she bypassed a line for showing her ID, which as a Congresswoman she had a right to do. Sounds like he put his hands on her, maybe was a bit rough, and is now charging her with hitting him, which is what happens all too often. Regardless of color, by the way. If there are any reliable witnesses, and there probably are, maybe we’ll know eventually what happened.
    Her hair is kind of cute, by the way.

  4. Spin Clown, I’m sure that Aravosis will be delighted to have the support of an egregious Republican hack and fraud like yourself.
    McKinney had actually already apologized and was trying to put it all behind her when she found that a warrant had been issued for her arrest. I cannot think of another case of a warrant being issued in a case like this. Based on the facts you, Avarosis, and I have, there was no justification for Avarosis’s over-the-top rant. Nor for whatever you have to say about the case.
    Clown, if you ever need a break, I can write your worthless, predictable posts for you myself and save you the effort. Shit, you can go die as far as I’m concerned. Don’t force yourself to keep on living miserably in your own personal hell just because you think that STF needs trolling.

  5. I too was disappointed to see Americablog repeating the ‘McKinney’ is crazy meme. Would some other congresspeople were as “crazy”.
    She is fearless in speaking the truth about 9/11 and about Africa…why would Aravosis go with the smear of her?

  6. Every ounce of attention that the media gives a moron like McKinney is a gift to the Republicans.

  7. Aravosis and several commenters went completely out of control, as did Neil Boortz.
    Please–statements like this imply that sometimes Nasty Neil is IN CONTROL. Be careful what you say.

  8. McKinney isn’t a moron. Sometimes she’s better than average, and sometimes she’s pretty dodgy, but she doesn’t deserve the shit she gets. Endorsing the Republican smears because “McKinney makes us look bad” doesn’t fly.

  9. So, my guess is AmericaBlog is no longer worth reading. I used to enjoy it… but if he’s going to fall prey to hate speech, then it’s time to move on.

  10. I thought the rant was unjustified as well. Didn’t bother to read the comments, and I’m glad I didn’t, because it sounds exactly like I would expect it to.
    Here’s a question – Have Frist or DeLay ever walked through without the pin or ID, and have been stopped?
    No matter what happened, I do think that the arrest warrant is a bit over the top.

  11. What gets me about this, is that there really aren’t many black women in Congress (twelve, I think, but I may have missed someone). I can see demanding that the host of middle-aged white guys need to wear pins, but Rep. McKinney is distinctive.
    I can see stopping her respectfully and asking her to wear her pin because it’s required by policy, but they have no excuse at all for not knowing who she is. (She shouldn’t have hit anyone. Someone grabs me unexpectedly from behind, though, and I couldn’t promise I wouldn’t do the same.)

  12. I suspect Aravosis has been reading Crashing the Gates and his target is as much NOW and the NAACP as it is McKinney. His rant today and the previous one about his critics, left me feeling he’s the type of ‘progressive’ that DLC folks consider to be progress: to win, and accept little progress at all.

  13. Aravosis’ language was the most offensive thing. He laid the insults on thick and lept to the worst conclusions about McKinney.
    He really seems confused about the “interest-group” problem. I see it as centrist interest-groups that play both the Republicans and the Democrats, and Aravosis’ own politics has its roots in gay interest-group politics which does do that.
    McKinney by contrast is a loyal, aggressive Democrat representing a loyal constituency.
    If Aravosis’ line is the Kos-Armstrong line, I’m doubly depressed. I don’t think that it is, though.

  14. I’m really getting troubled by the autocratic behavior of the “big dog” bloggers, but I’ll save commenting on that for another time. Click my name for a post I just put up about McKinney, and an independent film called American Blackout.

  15. You liberals are dismissing McKinney’s behavior simply because she is liberal. You apparently don’t give a rat’s rear end about the facts of the matter. Your reaction is B.S.
    Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) is apparently above the law. Whatever conversation she was having on her cell phone was apparently just too important and had her too preoccupied to acknowledge or obey the verbal commands of Capital Police as she hurriedly walked past a security check point and purposely avoided a metal detector. Oh, and never mind that McKinney wasn’t wearing her Congressional lapel pin like she is supposed to. As a result of her actions (or lack of), McKinney got into a physical altercation with an officer who was simply trying to do his job. When she skirted the metal detector, the officer followed her, and asked her to stop. But instead of stopping, showing the officer who she was, she hit the officer.
    McKinney is blaming the incident on a change in hairstyle, and racism resulting in harassing official conduct. The officer after all is white…..
    “The whole incident was instigated by the inappropriate touching and stopping of me — a female, black, congresswoman,” McKinney said at a Washington news conference.
    Police said McKinney struck the officer when he tried to stop her as she attempted to walk around a security checkpoint. Members of Congress are typically allowed to skirt checkpoints, but police said the officer failed to recognize McKinney, who recently changed her hairstyle, and that McKinney was not wearing her congressional lapel pin.
    And so what if he didn’t recognize her? The officer is obligated to maintain security and McKinney is obligated to properly identify herself. A change in hairstyle, failure to wear a Congressional lapel pin, I’m GLAD the officer acted on the side of caution. HE WAS DOING HIS JOB!
    Several Capitol police officials have said the officer involved asked McKinney three times to stop. Count ‘em, THREE. When she did not, he placed a hand on her and she hit him, they said.
    McKinney had two choices as a result of this incident. One being the high road and admitting her error, which she initially started to do earlier this week….. Or the low road, using the race card and making an issue of what should be a non-issue. McKinney was either talked into playing the race card or she decided on her own to play it. Either way, her actions are not an example of honorable leadership. If you ask me, it’s grounds for removal from office.

  16. Give it up, Spin Clown. We can get talking points free by the pound without your help.
    As the facts come out about this incident and about the general practice, it will become possible to decide what to think about it. But you knew what to think as soon as you saw the name “Cynthia McKinney”.
    No one will ever believe that anyone would have laid a hand on Tom Delay in this kind of situation, or any of the other white male Congressmen either. And it’s not because they obey the law, because a lot of them don’t.
    The arrest warrant strikes me as unprecedented and particularly disturbing.
    Is the policeman out of intensive care yet? Is he expected to live? Did he have good life insurance? Is the burial plot paid for? That McKinney packs a mean punch!

  17. Well, John–it’s a good thing she’s not Dick Cheney, or the officer would need to publicly apologize for all the trouble he’s caused here.

  18. As a long-time reader of and contributor to STF, but one who is new to the comments, I hestiate to post because it appears that anyone who disagrees with John will be labeled a troll and vilified with remarks like “Clown, if you ever need a break, I can write your worthless, predictable posts for you myself and save you the effort. Shit, you can go die as far as I’m concerned. ”
    If the comments are to facilitate discussion, this surely can’t be a constructive way to promote it. Or are the commenters only supposed to act as a cheering section?

  19. Showman, “Sick of Spin” is a regular here. His posts are always Republican talking points and often are insulting. His posts are all “gotchas” and rarely have any content of interest, and he makes it clear that he doesn’t want dialogue and isn’t worth trying to talk to.

  20. I don’t really know what’s going on with John Aravosis lately, but this isn’t the only time he seems to have “lost it” lately. I suggested once not long ago that he was becomming a bit arrogant and self-righteous lately and found myself banned for a brief while as well. Oh well, I’m not missing much. Americablog used to be really good. I’ve been reading it for a couple years now. Lately it seems like he’s just using it as a cash cow, though… not putting much into it, but trying to rile us all up into a frenzy (sorta like the religious folks do to their flocks to keep the outrage and cash flowing) …Playing the poor blogger routine, you know. Trust me, he makes a hell of alot more than I’ve ever made. Maybe he’s just in one of those “moods” and he’ll snap out of it. He does seem unhappy lately. Hope he feels better soon, because I do miss the Americablog of a year ago…

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