Emails Prove Global Warming Scam!

Have you heard about the emails?
The emails prove that the ice isn’t really melting. Those ships that you saw in the news crossing the Arctic in the summer were actually photoshopped, according to one of the emails. As were the satellite photos that show the ice receding. All the people who work with the agencies that run the satellites and process the pictures are in on it. That’s all in the emails.
Also the glaciers that you hear are melting, the emails show this is a big scam. What they did was set up a distortion field around the area, and when you go look at the glaciers, the field distorts your vision and makes it look like the ice is going away, when really there is more ice than ever.
And the storms and floods? Those are in newspapers. So obviously the liberals are behind this. Don’t believe it. It isn’t happening.
The ice isn’t melting. Greenland has more ice than it ever had. Those pictures and videos of water running from the melting ice — the emails talk about how they are piping water in from other place to make it look like there is water coming from melting ice, but there isn’t. It’s all just a trick to make you think that what you are seeing in front of your eyes is real.

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