5 thoughts on ““Electronic War” With Venezuela

  1. Wow, Democrats supporting a socialist dictator who is driving up unemployment, inflation, and nationalizing industries while clamping down on free speech… big surprise!

  2. Did I mention that he has been bringing in Cuban intelligence operatives, cutting oil exports to the US, giving free oil to Cuba, allows Islamic terrorist groups to operate freely on Margarita Island, helps Fidel Castro every chance he can get, and allows FARC and ELN forces free access into the country in order to evade counternarcotics personnel?
    This guy is bad news… I don’t know why ultra-liberals love him so much.

  3. There’s a pretty obvious problem with the previous poster’s points — many of them are lies. Chavez is not clamping down on free speech (his crime is to promote the speech which he supports via the proposed satellite network which the US government is apparently trying to censor). A lot of the damage to the economy was done by Venezuelan big business, not by Chavez, and things are certainly better than they were a few years ago when there was a real possibility of business provoking another coup. Also, if he sells cheap oil to Cuba, why shouldn’t he?
    There’s another oddity. Everything about Chavez suggests he’s a Venezuelan nationalist and maybe a Latin American chauvinist. So why’s he being accused of supporting Middle Eastern terrorists with whom he has nothing in common? Sounds very much like right-wing talking points to me.
    Finally, “ARcane”‘s web address leads to a libertarian-scientistic page. If you’re a libertarian you presumably shouldn’t support aggression against other countries doing you no harm. Or is libertarianism nowadays just Republicanism?

  4. Oh Dave. Right-wing lies do not need to be fueled by oil. It’s what they do.
    Right wingers exist soley to poison the discourse in this country. Their work is so effective that it cuts both ways.
    I gave an earful to a Rush listening friend the other day. I told her that I was the person he was talking about when he says all those terrible things about liberals and that when he attacks liberals he is attacking me.
    I will admit that I am a very likeable person, and that I have earned the respect of people who know me, but I was quite taken aback by the degree of her denial.
    She said that maybe I wasn’t really a liberal and that I should keep listening to Rush to find out!
    I think it is extremely sad that a few dozen well funded propogandists have managed to sell the idea that people are simple black and white caricatures.
    I wish that it was possible to discuss issues or disagree with people without having to cut through thirty years worth of well funded crap.

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