Election Tuesday!!! Need Your Help!!!

The Congressional seat vacated by Republican Culture Of Corruption Congressman Duke Cunningham going to jail for taking bribes is up for grabs in a special election this Tuesday. The following is from an e-mail for people LOCAL TO SILICON VALLEY. I will post a referral to ways others can help as soon as I can locate it. (See update below)
Silicon Valley Locals info:

Subject: Dem Take Over of House District 50 Down to the Wire – YOUR HELP NEEDED SUNDAY
The April 11 Special Election in the 50th Congressional District is around the corner and down to the wire.
You can help, right here in Santa Clara County. We need volunteers to join the Voter ID project by calling local voters and identifying our supporters. This is a critical part of the campaign. A couple hours of your time will help, one vote at a time!
To help:
Sign up at http://sccdp.org/calendar2.php?action=pg_volunteer&event_id=270
Or email us at [email protected]
The Republican seat vacated by the convicted graft felon, Rep. Duke Cunningham, is now with in shooting distance of Democratic turnover – the first seat in the march to a November Democratic take over of the House!
To win, we need to identify every supporter of the vigorous and courageous Democrat, Francine Busby – and get them out to the polls on April 11.
You want to win the House back. Here is your chance join other Bay Area activists. Join our Voter ID project. Just bring a cell phone and we’ll guide you through the rest and provide voter calling lists. You will help ensure that we get every possible Democratic vote out – critical, as we know from 2004.
Hillview Community Center
97 Hillview Avenue
Los Altos, CA
(We will send you the room number after you sign up; and signs will be posted on site.)
Sunday, April 9
4:00 – 7:00p
How to RSVP
Sign up at http://sccdp.org/calendar2.php?action=pg_volunteer&event_id=270
Or email us at [email protected].
Please join us Sunday, and help us win on Tuesday!

UpdateClick here for information about how YOU can help regardless of where you are located.
Also, check in at Calitics.