Election Prediction

Here is my election prediction.
In November we are all going to be in shock that the Republicans would do that, go that far, do such things, let it get to that point. We simply aren’t going to believe that that could have happened in this country, this world, this day and age. All of us.

3 thoughts on “Election Prediction

  1. What I expect is that even those of us who expect the worse behavior are going to be shocked out of our minds.

  2. I have no doubt that the repugs are capable of literally anything. But with “opposition” as craven and weak as the dems, the repugs will never need to pull out all the stops. Unless they want to — just for fun.

  3. ’06 GOP Theme: We just started WW3 and we’re the only ones you can trust to finish it.
    Also predicting: amazing razor-thin victories for Repubs, especially in Diebold districts; minorities again removed from voter rolls; exit polls not quite matching up, and somehow all reflecting a leftward slant that wasn’t recorded in the voting booths; and a bunch of Dems standing around saying, “Gosh, we never anticipated that this could happen AGAIN….”
    If you’re in a Diebold district, bring your video camera to the voting booth. Record your screen as you vote. All we have thus far is word of mouth and mathematics.

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