Election Post-mortem

(I have a 2,000 word pontification written, which I’ll eventually publish part-by-part. For the moment, this is what I’ve got to say).

My career predicting elections has gone up in smoke. I feel sorry for Zogby, though, since he actually makes his living that way. Polling is a mess, though it should be possible to separate the wheat from the chaff after the fact.

The piece I had prepared explaining what I though President Kerry should do will probably never be published.

The Libertarian Party should dissolve. If they can’t get votes this year, they’ll never be able to. The national Greens should dissolve too, for slightly different reasons.

The gist of the comment I’ve seen around and about is, “Don’t mourn, organize”. Along with this is a realization that there really are a lot of right-wingers out there.

I completely endorse the various proposals to build a liberal infrastructure. Soros should start writing big checks.

However, as I’ve said, I really fear that Bush will use his executive control of the political agenda to keep Democrats permanently off-balance, as they try to respond to one adventurist initiative after another. I really believe that these are not normal times, and that people who pretend that they are (“Just one election, and a close one at that”) are missing the point. The Movement Conservatives sense blood in the water. Time will tell how rough it will get, but Grover Norquist plans to turn the US into a one-party state.

The ridicule directed at the Bush people after the Suskind article was wrong-headed. The Republican program is not business as usual, but venturesome, inventive, and transformational. That’s what the guy was trying to say.