Election futures market, trial run

OK, here it is. I am willing to bet five different people $10 that this fall, one of the following will take place:

1. The voting doesn’t take place as scheduled in one or more states, or the votes are not counted.

2. Kerry is elected, but is not able to take office as scheduled in January.

3. The election is decided by some sort of borderline-legal fiat (as in 2000).

4. Many in the conservative movement, including some in significant official positions, refuse to accept the legitimacy of President-elect Kerry.

I’ll keep lowering the odds every week until I get five takers. (Eventually we’ll have to choose a judge for #3 and #4, which might end up being judgment calls.)

Any takers at 1,000-1: my $10 against your $10,000? Easy money, guys!

My definitive bet is here.