Election Day

I’m an election worker, in charge of a precinct, so I’ll be away from the computer all day. My precinct (Atherton) is likely to be very slow, with lots of “permanent absentee” voters, so maybe I’ll get a chance to visit a Starbucks a few times and check in. So use this as an open thread and let me know what’s going on in the world. Thanks.
I’m counting on you. (That’s an election worker joke…)
Update – Busier than expected. (Snuck out on a Starbucks run…)
Update – Lifetime achievement – I actually shushed a librarian! My polling place is in a library and I’m the boss today, The librarian came by and said something to one of the poll workers and I went “SHHHH!” (But not loud enough so she could hear me. Probably for the best.)

5 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. It’s election day here, too, (NYC) and I’ve never seen a sadder, more pathetic campaign than that of the Democrats for mayor this year. It’s not just that atypical Republican Bloomberg, a multi-millionaire, was able to outspend the Democratic candidate Ferrer, although the Dems are trying to blame this. It’s that the Democrats have had absolutely nothing to say except that they’d do the same things he’s doing only they’d do it better. They hit an all-time low last night, whining that Bloomberg has “taken over the city’s hotels for their victory celebration.” Checking this out, it seems that Bloomberg, with a 38 point lead, is in fact planning a big celebration at the Sheraton Hotel. There’s more than one hotel in NYC, for God’s sake!
    The campaign in NJ was equally disgusting, with two multi-billionaires sliming each other. If I lived in NJ, I’d leave the state rather than risk having either of them, Dem or Rep, as governor..

  2. Dave;
    If you’re busy, why don’t you post some election-day thoughts from the erudite Bob Geiger at the Yellow Dog Blog.
    Bob Geiger, at the Yellow Dog Blog 🙂

  3. The Dems ran a bad mayoral campaign in NYC. There’s no doubt about it. Bloomberg should have run as a Dem in 2001, but we dropped that ball long ago. (Green would have been better than Bloomberg anyway.)
    Thanks for working at the polls!

  4. Bloomberg ain’t a Dem? Could’a fooled me. He’s a tax-and-spend enthusiast, loves to interfere in a private businesses legal policies (smoking), is rabidly anti-gun, and wants to reward the unions. The only reason the Dems don’t want him is that he is not extreme enough in the paternalistic socialist tradition that the NYC DNC has established.
    One myth the Dem-leaning MSM loves to deal in, that Bush and Bloomberg are “right-wingers”. They are not, the are left-leaning, paternalistic, big government types. More comfortable on the socialist left than on the right.

  5. Pericles’ multiple personality disorder is apparent again. P the Libertarian has emerged suddenly, elbowing aside P the Republican Shill.
    I wonder which persona is the better dancer. And which one wears the slutty make-up and talks dirty.
    On a serious note, I got back a while ago from sticking it to The Governator. Very satisfying votes this time. And the San Francisco local votes were fun too: got to vote for no gun and ammo sales in town and for disallowing millitary recruiters from schools. Not like these things mean a thing (there’s only one gun store in SF), but it’s great to be able vote for them.

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