For those who think that a Southern, conservative Democrat is more electable, I offer you this, from the Des Moines Register, about Senator Bob Graham:

Republican National Committee spokesman Chad Colby said Graham’s comments are “outrageous statements.”

“He’s a conspiracy theorist,” Colby said. “That’s the only way he can get his name out there.”

Also this kind of crap, from the Republican National Committee:

A Tax-And-Spend Liberal In Moderate’s Clothing

Graham’s Liberal Record On School Choice

In other words, if you want to play the “electable” game instead of talking about what’s the right thing to do on the issues, you aren’t going to get anywhere. The right-wingers are going to use their character assassination on you no matter what. So you just gotta be real.

I’m not criticizing Bob Graham here, and previously wrote that he also represents the Democratic Wing.