Egypt-Style Treatment Of Protesters

Quoting a friend: “there’s something really fucked up when OUR tax dollars are paying the cops to protect the fucking 1% that don’t pay any taxes”
More at Balloon Juice: Police Pepper Spray #OWS Student Protestors Directly in their Faces at Occupy Davis

One thought on “Egypt-Style Treatment Of Protesters

  1. A few things:
    1) “protect the fucking 1% that don’t pay any taxes”
    That’s just a flat out lie. The 1% (and I’m not surprised that the neo-fascist left has found a new “other” to dehumanize and blame all their problems on) pay percentage of the total tax base than the percentage of wealth they own.
    2). It’s not “the 1%” the police are protecting from the occupy brats; it’s society, it’s public and private property, it small businesses that cannot operate with these smelly brown shirts clogging up the city, it’s the working men and women who have been harassed by these thugs and whose jobs are in jeopardy because the businesses they work at can’t operate, and finally it’s these mindless scumbags themselves the police are protecting from themselves.

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