Edwards for President?

Kos has a list of Democratic presidential pretenders up.

Widely-hated triangulating corporate liberal (tons of $$): Hillary Clinton.
Obscure triangulating corporate liberals: Joe Biden, Evan Bayh.
Can’t campaign worth a dime: John Kerry, Wesley Clark (maybe Clark has learned something?).
Who is he?: Mike Gravel, Tom Vilsack.
I sorta know who he is: Christopher Dodd, Bill Richardson.

This leaves Barack Obama and John Edwards (and Clark if he’s improved his skills). Obama seems to be playing the triangulation game and is having success talking to church people, which makes him a tremendously powerful candidate, but one who cannot be trusted — since he’ll probably stab us in the back. So for what it’s worth, Edwards is it for me.
Here on the left wing of the Democrat Party, we’re still pariahs. Everyone on the list (except Kerry, I suppose) is a centrist, and a lot of them are/were liberal hawks. I hope that someone pops up to rabblerouse a little bit. Even if he doesn’t win, if his message starts getting across with the voters, the others will have to respond.

3 thoughts on “Edwards for President?

  1. Yar, Maybe Joe Lieberman will carry his Joementum into 2008 and do for the Democratic party what he did for the errrr Democratic party in ’06. sigh

  2. Clark can’t campaign? Did you see his votevet commercial, the greatest TV ad I saw in 06?
    I hate the big media types speculating on 08 candidates, since save for VPs who succeed, no one can ever tell who’ll catch the zeitgeist 2 years later, but if Al Gore doesn’t run on a strong “common sense = Constitution + Global Warming” platform, then I’m all for an Edwards/Clark run.

  3. Way too soon to say.So far the only possible contender for me is Wes Clark.Hillary can’t win.I don’t believe she can.She does have the money.I just think it won’t be enough this time.No matter how much it is it will not be enough.Obama,inspireing as he is hasn’t quite the experience.Al Gore gonna try it yet once more? I don’t know why he would but if he did,he would have my vote.But…I’m thinking Clark with Edwards as VP running mate.Or I suppose if you have to flip flop it maybe that but would myself prefer Clark.At least there is something to look forward to.

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