Economy, Stocks, Housing, Oil – How Far Can It Fall?

Which way will the economy go next? Here’s a hint: I just read that it will cost the average family in the North East U.S. an extra $2000 to heat their homes this coming winter.
So you tell me – is the economy going to be better? Are people going to be having a grand old spendup this Christmas season?
The public in 2000 chose to “elect” oil company executives to run the government. Immediately the Enron scandal ensued, with the obvious collusion of the recently-elected administration.
Then the public chose to re-elect them in 2004.
So let’s not hear any complaining from anyone who voted for these clowns. OK?
Oh, and by the way, the National Debt, which was getting paid down quite rapidly before Bush was elected, is now approaching $10 trillion. That’s trillion with a ‘t’.
Update – And the government run by oil company executives is refusing to allow solar power plants on government land in the Southwest. Are you surprised by that?

5 thoughts on “Economy, Stocks, Housing, Oil – How Far Can It Fall?

  1. DAMN, I am going to spend my last dollar on electricity bitching about this Reaganomic/Bushed economy on my ancient computer ’til they come and turn the lights off and send me to the streets.
    sorry, I’ve been shitting over this pile of conservatives for some time now. Actually give Nixon credit. He started this Conservative era didn’t he?

  2. but they have made us safe from the turrists! isnt that worth the price of admission (snark)
    the depth of ruin these two have taken this country in 8 years is nothing short of astounding.
    the scariest thing is that 40% or more of the country wants FOUR MORE YEARS of this — cause McSame will keep us safe and obama is a muslim
    there is no hope

  3. And how will St Barack O’Bama save those people in the Northeast any money this winter? How did he help those people in his State Senate district when THEY were freezing in the Rezko Arms?
    I suppose Barack is going to magically build and bring on line dozens of nuclear power plants the day after he’s inaugurated. (You did know that Barack is not opposed to nuclear power, right?)
    I’d also like to point out that the DEMOCRATIC Congress hasn’t done much to restore sanity to government spending since it was voted in (and, as civics reminds us, CONGRESS is responsible for spending–Article I, Sections 7 & 8). Should we also refrain from hearing complaints from the people who elected (or helped to elect) the Democrats in 2006??

  4. My local electrical company here in Vermont that serves about 4 towns, has been shutting of power to people at a rate of 60 people per month because they can’t afford to pay their bills. In 2012, 2/3 of Vermont’s electrical power contracts expire. These two sources have already announced that the next contract will have insanely high increases – that will be passed along to we consumers.
    Due to the ruling class’s refusal to pay living wages for the last 30 years, basic commodities, like food and water (the electricity to drive water pumps in rural homes) is now too expensive for homeowners.
    What happens when the majority of citizens can no longer afford to by a product? Less people buying means that the price per unit must increase, thereby shutting even more people out.
    Here in the NorthEast, people are already starving as the result of GOP policies. In six months, they will be freezing to death.

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