Economy Not Helping Democrats

New story, Polls: Voters Eye Domestic Issues.

Some political analysts have suggested that Democrats don’t have an advantage on the economy because they haven’t offered a clear alternative.

Republican National Chairman Marc Racicot, also on NBC, said he isn’t surprised Democrats haven’t gained a clear advantage on the economy.

He cited international problems like terrorism that have affected the economy, and added: “This recession started before (President Bush (news – web sites)) took office. The American people know precisely what’s going on.”

It isn’t when the slowdown started, it’s what are they DOING ABOUT IT?!! And whether their policies, like tax cuts for the extremely rich, are helping or not.

If the Democrats wanted to run on economic issues, they could have made a lot more noise about the minimum wage, extending unemployment benefits, JOBS PROGRAMS, and other legislation to help working families. (Remember working families? They’re the ones you represent, not the ones you get our money from.) To be fair, they’ve tried to talk about these things outside of the Congress, and the networks and papers won’t cover them. But they could have done a LOT in the Congress to bring these issues front and center, and they didn’t. They should have help everything up – expecially the war vote – pending action on programs for working people. Think about where they would be now, in this election, had they chosen to represent their constituents instead of rolling over for the Republicans.