Earpiece III

TalkLeft has a lot more about Bush maybe wearing an earpiece.

Also – Drudge and RW sites are launching an all-out “Kerry was cheating” thing, which tells me they are worried about the stories about Bush being caught cheating with an earpiece.

Update – Thanks to a comment here, directing to a post at Digby, the “evidence” that Kerry is cheating — the accusation is that Kerry takes notes out of his coat pocket — is a video you can watch, but when you watch it, you can see Bush TAKING NOTES OUT OF HIS COAT POCKET, unfolding them, and placing them on the podium. NO WONDER they have to quickly accuse Kerry of cheating!

AND, even beter, the right-wing site with the video says they had to take the comments down. Guess why? People were probably saying that the video shows BUSH taking out notes!!! Solution? Remove the comments.