I had a conversation over the weekend with someone who wanted to talk about the budget. He complained that there were a lot of “earmarks.” I told him that there were a lot of earmarks for Republicans as well as for Democrats.
I told him that an earmark is a special request for funds for a project in a local district, like building a bridge or a clinic — something that is needed in a local district that is requested by that district’s member of Congress, to serve the constituents of that district.
He didn’t know that. In fact, he had never really thought about it at all. He just knew that earmarks were bad for some reason. he had been hearing over and over that they were bad.
And when I told him what earmarks meant, he liked the idea. He said that’s what a member of Congress should be doing. Government serving its constituents in a democracy – imagine that.
Another day, another Republican anti-democracy propaganda message put down.