Driving 55 Saves Gas And Is Safer

You can save a lot of gas by driving at 55 on the highway. It’s also a lot safer. And unless you are traveling a long distance, it doesn’t add much time to your journey.
Many people don’t know this, and the oil company executives who currently run our government certainly won’t tell you. They’ll instead tell you the government should let the oil companies have more free leases of our land so they can make a bunch more money — all at our expense.
In the 1970s it was common knowledge that driving at 55mph saves a lot on gas. In fact, at one point the national speed limit on the freeways was lowered to 55, and it did reduce our oil imports a great deal. But in 1980 the Republicans got into office and stopped all of the energy efficiency activities of the government. They stopped all of the mass transit projects, too. Ronald Reagan’s very first act as President was removing the solar equipment that President Carter had installed on the roof of the White House.