Drinking Kool-Aid

In case you are not familiar with the term “drinking the Kool-Aid” it referes back to the Jim Jones Jonestown cult, who lined up to drink Kool-Aid mixed with cyanide.
And today, another example: Top US general says Rumsfeld is inspired by God,

The top US general defended the leadership of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, saying it is inspired by God.
“He leads in a way that the good Lord tells him is best for our country,” said Marine General Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

While very few in leadership positions in this country have kids in Iraq, outside of the Capital there are families, parents, friends and co-workers of the people serving there. I wonder what they think when they hear this stuff? Are they filled with confidence that the leadership is … well, sane?
So how is the Right reacting? Predictably, they’re lining up to drink more Kool-Aid themselves:

Confederate Yankee is triggered into a fury at “far left liberals” and “the media” – just because AP reported the story,

As is typical of the left-leaning media, they seem amazed that leaders in these modern times pray for guidance from a power higher than themselves, and thought that detail was so newsworthy as to make it this story’s lede. Other elements, such as Rumsfeld’s controversial leadership style, and an apparent show of support at this ceremony from the military estalishment are far more newsworthy elements of the day’s events to most people, but not so to AFP.

4 thoughts on “Drinking Kool-Aid

  1. In the Military, there is always a “higher power.” That is the Chain of Command. In the US, the Secretary of Defense is #3 in the chain, the Commander-in-Chief is #2. But there is a very special position at the very top of the chain: the civilian populace of the United States is #1. Those lower down the chain ignore this at their peril.

  2. I understand that the word draft is a very unpopular word.I also understand why. My husband was drafted.He went ,he served.He lucked out and went to Korea rather then Vietnam.He was very fortunate.He understands that.So do I.Tonight some news item came on and it was our President defending something or other,doesn’t matter much what it was and to be honest I don’remember.I was busy.My quiet non political husband just became irate.I was impressed.He said,I can’t listen to the s— anymore.Just makes me so angry.Won’t say here what he called this president.Use your imagination.Then he said,the only thing that might work right now is a draft to wake people up.I don’t want a draft but don’t see that we have any choices.We can’t keep useing up the same people.I have always said that we won’t have a draft as long as the republicans are in control.My idea has been that they understand there will be no deferments this time as no one will put up with that again.So, even the playing field and everyones kid gets to go.I honestly believe this and have from day one…draft and no deferment unless Dr. ordered and would bring the very quickest end to this war.
    Lots of people have been drinking that kool aid,and holding their breath.Sooner or later..somebody has to breathe.

  3. Seems like God isn’t all that good at military strategy, doesn’t it? This would be funny if it wasn’t a matter of life and death for so many. Frankly, I think the administration is just sitting back doing nothing in particular knowing that the public is so fed up that the Democrats will come in and take over the dirty job of cleaning up the mess — and get all the blame for things like the draft, higher taxes, etc. so the Repugs can get back into power again.
    Pass the Kool Aid, will you? I could use a shot.

  4. This is for all intents and purposes a lame duck administration.You are so correct MJ, someone has to come in and clean it up and it won’t be pretty.They will let them do that and then the next election down the road…here we go again.It would be funny.But it is so sad.
    We were to a wedding last weekend.Nice thing a wedding.They put this one off for several weeks till the brides brother could get home from Iraq.Otherwise it might have been a little warmer.But,he did get home.He said to them.We probably won’t stay long.I can’t take crowds too well.I have some problems and I don’t want to ruin the wedding.He had two humvees blown up from under him.They put him in an office job.He didn’t want to be there and requested to go back out with his unit.Very nervous about coming home and having to be in and at a wedding right away.He did fine and was still there when we left.But we’re old and were home by 11pm.He did good.My problems come with the same people being called on again and again. It just can not keep happening.I’m angry but then I always am.Nothing new there.But when my husband gets this fed up we might be gaining some ground.He tells me to listen to the opposition.Listen to Rush,he told me that tonight.He said I do and you would not believe the gaps.People have to get it,I said no,I’m not so sure they do.Lot’s of people I know do not want to think.They want to be led.That is the most frighhenting thing to me.

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