You Feel A Draft?
Why wasn’t Biden smart enough to also say that we are going to need a draft because of the “Republican war?”
The word “draft” should NEVER be spoken unless it is accompanied by the words “Republican war.”
Othwise what the public will hear is “The DEMOCRATS are calling for a draft!”

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  1. Why wasn’t Biden smart enough to also say that we are going to need a draft because of the “Republican war?”
    They can’t say it because so many demos supported the war. (And still do!) And don’t give me that crap about how they were taken in by those evil lying repugs. How come all of US knew the war was crap from the first moment Bush started hyping it? And they didn’t. Because they didn’t want to. Because they were too cowardly to fight the repugs on the issue. So they just went along.
    Cowardly, corrupt and incompetent.

  2. The Democrats are calling for the draft, it was Charlie Rangel who proposed the legislation.

  3. The support of the Iraq War at the outset was the biggest shock and letdown of my entire apparently naive life. I had no idea of how corrupt our political system was. I am a Dem for lack of any other viable party to belong to but on balance I think now that the grand and honored ‘two party system’ needs a re-think. Corporatism rules and the two party system makes that easy… I am off topic…
    So, will the new draft have a college deferment or how will we be sure no rich kids have to get dirty and only our poor will go fight in the Crusades?

  4. Richard and Niall, you are both right on the money. In OCT. 2002 I wrote an email to Clinton and Schumer, my senators, I warned them that they would lose my vote if they voted to give Bush the freedom to attack Iraq. Now, I understand how puny a gesture that was, but it was all I had as a citizen. Both of them voted yes. The phony cowards. So forget about a draft, I want to see Chelsea Clinton and Jesica and Allison Schumer show us the way and sign up right now for active duty so that my draft age children won’t have to. Hey troll, you’re not the “john” troll that stalked the David Johnson comments, a little while back, reincarnated as Pericles? This comes from Rangles’ official web site:
    WASHINGTON, December 30, 2002 — Congressman Charles Rangel, a strong opponent of war with Iraq, said today that he would begin drafting legislation to reinstate the draft so as to ensure a “shared sacrifice” among Americans serving in the armed forces.
    “If our great country becomes involved in an all-out war, the sacrifice must be shared. In that regard, I am preparing legislation to authorize reinstatement of the universal draft and other forms of mandatory national service,” Congressman Rangel said.
    I don’t agree with Rangel about the draft, but then again, there were a disproportionate number of blacks in my outfit in Viet Nam. I wonder why that is?

  5. I DO agree with Rangel. Obviously we need a draft, if we are going to meet our military committents and protect the country. It isn’t the Democrats who are the reason we need a draft, they are the ones looking out for THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. The Repubicans, on the other hand, have started a major war without a draft and without a way to pay for it. (And with any reason to start it.)
    I do not agree with the military committments that the Repubican have imposed on us. But I do agree that WITH the committments we have, we obviously need a draft.
    That need for a draft must be pinned on the Republicans.

  6. Dave, let’s ignore your attempt to finesse the fact the demos helped get us into Iraq (being political cowards is NOT an acceptable excuse — pure of heart and corrupt of deed just doesn’t cut it).
    We are left with the false choice you present. We should just withdraw. Yesterday. We have had this argument before. It sums up to: we have to stay because we are responsible for this horror vs. we have to withdraw because we are responsible for this horror.
    Of course, you might just be socratically arguing for withdrawal by letting us discover it ourselves as an alternative to the unpalatable necessity of the draft. I can’t decide if that’s clever, cynical or cowardly. Since you’re still a democrat….

  7. I do have to laugh at the picture — I slap you from the left, Pericles slaps you from the right (or from that place in outer space populated by libertarians) and then Niall and backwoods kicking your ass. Poor democrat Dave. Heh.

  8. Opposing the war and opposing the draft must necessarily be part of the same struggle. A draft is part and parcel of the military assets Bush will require to escalate the war and expand war to other theatres. Saying we need a draft, advocating a draft implies a catastrophic choice.
    It is tragic beyond words to look at a draft as being politically or militarily unavoidable. Serious opposition to the draft is the most realistic way of detering Bush’s military adventurism. Rangel has the crazy notion (the exceedindly crazy notion) that leading all our children out like lambs to the altar will somehow stay the sacrificial knife, once everyone sees that the selection process will play no favorites. This is madness.
    Bush&Co have all the official machinery in place, right now, to begin conscripting our kids. Americans of all political stripes should think long and hard before nodding their heads. in assent. A conscripted army is a huge trump card for the government that wields it. And once the country has that much “skin in the game”, you would be surprised how much easier it becomes for that government to strong-arm dissent and silence criticism. If we do not unite behind opposition to the draft, Bush&Gang will put us all behind the Eight-Ball.
    We cannot afford to give these maniacs a conscript army. This will put too much raw political capital in their hands, and provide them with potent and overwhelming resources of emotional rhetoric. And I warn any progressives who are flirting with this horrible idea and who have considered embracing the “necessity of it”; that any such complicity will likely postpone our deliverance from this nightmare for years, and who can say how many.
    I’ll end this post with a little emotional appeal of my own. If you allow them to draft our children you will weep. You will gnash your teeth. Your food will lose its taste and you will be unable to sleep. Victory and defeat will be blurred. Millions will cry out for the war to end and still it won’t end. A moment will come when you pray to God, wishing that you had never been born. You will see recession; you will see grief and despair; you will look at all the moral anguish we have suffered from 2000 until now, and it will seem as nothing in comparison. Do not give our kids to theses monsters. Do not do it.
    Do not do it. I’m begging you.

  9. Copeland, I wish I had the words to tell you what your appeal has made me feel.I would think of a brilliant comeback if I could.I simply want to cry.I’ve lost countless hours of sleep over these exact same thoughts.
    I think your last paragraph says it all.The problem is, they already have 1700 of our children that will never come home and 15,000 of them are wounded. We keep sending the same people back and back.Is that preferable to you? I don’t have an answer to this one either.However I have to think that playing no favorites might be the quickest way to end this.No deferments.None.Everyones preciious children go there.I don’t know how much you pay attention to recruitement.It’s not going to far right now.Backwards fast.The main reason is parents, and grandparents and anyone who loves and cares about those children who are the prime targets of the recruiters.Some highschools are banning recruiters from their campuses now.I read the other day how the army is lowering their standards when it comes to people in their ranks with problems such as drug abuse, mental illness and so on.Those sorts of low standards only put everyone that is serving with that kind of person at a higher risk.Is that ok?
    I believe the monsters already have our children.They have us too.They are monsters, I agree with the term.But they have children too.It’s time they understand that.

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