Draft Gore?

Please go read Chris Bowers’Daily Kos: Draft Gore, But Only If You Mean It. He says if you want Gore to run you have to actually DO SOMETHING about it.

Draft Gore in 2008, but only do it if you mean it. Back up you words with real action. Don’t whine to me about how I or some other leadership element is keeping you down or preventing this from happening. Give over your persecution and get to it.

Have blog readers reverted back to American couch-sitters who wait around for others to do something?

3 thoughts on “Draft Gore?

  1. I guess I signed because I like Gore and I think he would be a good president if he has a good running mate.

  2. Gore has become a great outspoken grumpy old has-been. Genuinely great! But if he ever got power again (and made all the necessary compromises within the context of the democrat party to get that power), he’d rapidly remember who he really is.

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