Downing Street Memo Update

There has been an explosion of media coverage. CSPAN covered John Conyers’ hearing where Ray McGovern and John Bonifaz both made the case for Impeachment. Video highlights at Crooks and Liars.
The Impeachment Option is covered well by That Colored Fella, who I’ll also credit with a great photo of Southern Baptist Humor.
The really big story is from The Independent which reveals that the US has used napalm-type firebombs during the Iraq War and lied about it to the British government. Global covered the use of napalm like weapons in August of 2003.

The actual bombs used are known as MK-77s, and they are napalm canister munitions. They evolved from the napalm bombs which we associate with the Korean and Vietnam wars. The Heretik does a terrific job with the napalm story and Freiheit und Wissen chimes in on napalm with a depleted uranium kicker and brings up the phrase “crimes against humanity.”
Pam’s Houseblend has a good round-up post.
Visit Kevin Drum for Downing Street Delusions from the wingnuts. In a nutshell, they are calling DSM Rathergate II.
I think the wingnuts were too slow out of the gate with this propaganda effort. As Editor & Publisher pointed out last week:

The Sunday Times observed: “The complaints of media self-censorship have been backed up by the ombudsmen of The Washington Post, The New York Times and National Public Radio, who have questioned the lack of attention the minutes have received from their organizations.”

This story is just going to pick up steam. Of course it would help if Senate Democrats weren’t so intent on being robust liberal warmongers.

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  1. I think after the public has viewed the memo about “fixing” evidence the overwhelming sentiment will be: “so what?” The public is smart, and even if they believe the ideological author of the memo, they will remember that “fixing” does not include lying or manufacturing the evidence. They will also remember that prosecutors’ always “fix” evidence in cases to fit their theory of the crime, that is why we have trials, to present alternate theories and to debate which theory fits the evidence. The real problem that this memo shows is the lack-luster and immature opposition that the anti-war crowd gave to Bush. Instead of debating and making Bush prove his theory, they whined and ran off to the “International Community” and made them oppose the war under any circumstances.
    If they had done the right thing and debated, we might not have gone to war…

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