Don’t Think of a Sick Child

Rockridge Institute is launching a campaign, Don’t Think of a Sick Child.
This is a prototype ad:

About the campaign:

The national debate over the future of health care security is complex and confusing to many Americans. There is little doubt that the country is in the midst of a health care crisis as more than 100 million Americans find themselves underinsured, uninsured and without adequate health care. Advocates on multiple sides of the debate inundate voters with various plans, statistics, prescriptions, and political sloganeering. Yet, the confusion remains.
In launching this campaign, the Rockridge Institute is contributing to progressives as they consider and focus their health care message. We have written a thoughtful white paper, as well as talking points, prototype television advertisements, blog posts, op-eds, and other material designed to bring some consistency and honest framing to the cause of health care security. To the many groups and individuals engaged in this cause, it is our hope we will be of some help to your heroic efforts.

1 thought on “Don’t Think of a Sick Child

  1. This ad would have been better if there had been more diversity in the kids. One of the biggest reasons we can’t get health care for kids is because it will go to “those others” who don’t deserve to use “our” hard-earned money. By “diversifying” the ad, they could have made the message work that all these kids are our kids.

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