Don’t Like The Democratic Party? Then BECOME The Democratic Party!

This is California-specific, but the same applies where YOU live. The Party really IS democratic. The party is only the people who show up at meetings and vote. Go look up how to BECOME the Party in your state!
And read MyDD :: Silent Revolution: Become The California Democratic Party. (Note – Chris BECAME the Democratic Party where HE lives, in Pennsylvania.)

About one in every seven or eight members of the netroots is from California. Given this, the upcoming elections for the Democratic State Central Committee of California should be of great importance to the netroots. If my little reformer ward in Philadelphia can sneak two members onto the Pennsylvania State Democratic committee through a local write-in campaign, we the netroots should be able to put several new reform Democrats in the California Democratic Party with more than a month to campaign. Here are the details:

The California Democratic Party is governed by the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) of California, membership of which is a two-year position going from odd-year Convention to odd-year Convention. Starting with the November 2006 election, the state party starts its reorganization, determining the new DSCC, which meets for the first time at the April 27-29, 2007 Convention in San Diego. As the DSCC members meet annually at the State Party Conventions, they are also referred to as delegates to the State Party.

Go read, and get involved. BECOME the party. BECOME the government!

4 thoughts on “Don’t Like The Democratic Party? Then BECOME The Democratic Party!

  1. You should “BECOME” the party that most aligns with your political philosophy. I urge everybody to find a third party and “BECOME” that. Upsetting the two-party system is the best way to foster bold change.
    “BECOME” a Democrat, and I’ll most likely assume you’re some union member or trial lawyer (or someone who has been brainwashed by their propaganda, which is funded by their deep pockets). “BECOME” a Republican and I’ll pretty much think think you’re an religious fundamentalist or apologist for big oil.
    Is that how you want to be thought of by the political class? “BECOME” a Libertarian, or a Green, or something else, and I’ll think you’re an interesting person with your own policy ideas. If enough people do that, the politicians will start listening to YOU.

  2. I agree, jaymuntz.
    A two party system cannot represent the diversity of opinion that we have in this country.
    It’s a stacked deck right from the start.
    Until enough people start “wasting” their votes on 3rd party candidates, we’re stuck with corporate elitist rule.
    The Dems have worked hard to take over the impotent centrist position of our decidedly Right-handed system, we need a Left arm, or the people have nothing to fight back with.

  3. Jay,
    Why would I care care what you think of me? With the crap logic (and absolute fawning love of stereotypes and false balance) you have just put on display, your seal of approval really isn’t worth all that much.

  4. Bribes – my wording was sloppy. I didn’t mean that it matters what I personally think about you. I meant that policymakers (politicians) will make generalizations and assumptions. They will label you a stereotypical Democrat if you vote Democratic. You may have nuanced and well-thought-out opinions, but you won’t be expressing that. You’ll strictly be expressing the Democratic party platform, warts and all.
    I see I’m labeled a troll for articulating some of those stereotypes. Whatever.

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