Don’t Ignore Right-Wing Threats Of Violence

Sara Robinson says,

Right-wing talkers have built careers out of demonizing liberals; but when they start talking about what specific steps should be taken against them, that’s not something we should ignore.

The right has been ramoing up the violent rhetoric lately. Don’t ignore it. (And never, ever ignore Sara.) Read the whole thing.
And watch your backs.

1 thought on “Don’t Ignore Right-Wing Threats Of Violence

  1. The arguments in this article are completely unfounded. You could say the same thing about liberals over the past 8 years. And the left have continued to make equally vicious attacks against Republicans after the election as well. Claiming increased gun sales connote violent intent? Give me a break. Obama will probably ban guns or expand gun regulation so it’s perfectly logical to see gun sales increase. Some people do it because they are decided they should have a gun others are speculating because the price of guns will increase if this happens. When my house was broken into in the middle of the night it took more than 30 minutes for the police to respond in downtown Atlanta. I know I would probably not be alive today if I did not own a gun.

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