Don’t Forget — It Matters

I was thinking, as time passes sometimes we can lose sight of the important things. Finding and punishing the person/people who leaked the identity of Valeris Plame is an important thing. From something I wrote earlier this month:

Just keep pounding on Rove, what he did, and why this is important. Rove outed a covert CIA agent working on keeping WMD out of the hands of terrorists. This “rolled up” her network of contacts, possibly getting some killed. And by exposing her he exposed her cover company, possibly causing damage to other agents and networks as well.
Rove did this at a time of war against terrorists. His act exposed all of us to increased danger of attack by those WMDs she was trying to keep away from terrorists.

It matters.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget — It Matters

  1. His long-term prospects as a member of the House are actually quite low, considering where he lives and its strong Republican lean. It’s also doubtful he’ll be able to win enough elections to build up enough seniority to become a leader in Congress (which I’d dearly like to see). On top of which, even if he did get a leadership position, his conservative district will never give him enough long-term wiggle room to put his neck out on a limb without it getting whacked, and likely, all his elections will be hotly contested. In the best-case scenario, his long-term prospects are still dim.
    Some people might say this is bad. That would be the wrong attitude. All this just means that Hackett can go out on that limb and say things other Dems are afraid to, test ideas, be agressive on core issues, reframe the debates in new ways, and respond however he wishes to attacks. He’s uncaged and has nothing to lose. On top of which, he’s a fighter. For Hackett, this prognosis means only one thing: Fire at will.

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