Don’t Be Distracted – It Continues Unabated

Bush is at 31% in the polls, Tom DeLay is gone, Rove might be about to be indicted, etc.
That stuff doesn’t mean anything. THIS is what matters:
G.O.P. Lawmakers Agree on Bill to Extend Tax Cuts,

House and Senate Republicans reached agreement Tuesday on a $69 billion bill that would extend President Bush’s tax cuts for investors for two more years and temporarily block a big jump in the alternative minimum tax.

Iran’s Letter to Bush Not Relevant to Nuclear Issue, Rice Says,

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dismissed a letter from Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad to President Bush…

Senate to Take Up Health Coverage Bill,

Health insurance coverage for mammograms, annual children’s physicals and drug abuse counseling could disappear for some workers under legislation moving through Congress.
The measure, which the Senate takes up Tuesday, would let insurers bypass coverage requirements mandated by states.

THIS is what matters.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Be Distracted – It Continues Unabated

  1. Dave, do you realize the extent to which you sound like you’re yelling at all your readers that it’s hopeless and they ought to just give up?
    I welcome clarification of what statements like “that stuff doesn’t mean anything” and “THIS is what matters” actually mean. From here it sounds like you’re saying “there’s no reason for hope, only reason for fear.”

  2. I’m certainly not saying give up, I’m saying keep focused. In fact, I’m looking at so many people thinking the fight is over for some reason becaue of some polls — I’m saying keep at it.
    It’s not about DeLay and Abramoff – they’re symptoms. There’s not a dime less corporate money flowing to the “conservative movement” attack machine because DeLay and Abramoff are taken down. Don’t feel like Bush at 31% means a big “swift boat” isn’t coming in October…
    Give up? No, what we have to do is reach the public and help them see what is happening to them. ALl these things are continuing unabated, things that are hurting the public.

  3. Things that hurt the public is putting it all too nicely, and the public isn’t even going to be aware of them unless we tell them. They’ve got until 2009 to pull off all sorts of similar coups. I doubt they care how much Bush’s poll figures drop. That’s simply an incentive to get things done fast.

  4. I agree with all that. What I don’t agree with are categhorical assertions that this or that development, or expose, or small piece of moral progress, “doesn’t matter.”
    That’s where you audience starts feeling hectored rather than informed.

  5. I disagree Dave. The public, unfortunately, doesn’t care about the daily business of the government. They don’t care about individual bills. Unless there is a pattern they just don’t give a damn. These are people that structure their lives around “American Idol”. Bush’s low approval ratings are not a reflection on the Bankrupcy bill and not even the Patriot Act. I am afraid that focusing on the actual issues the general public will simply fall asleep on you. There have always been bad laws; there have always been bad decisions; there have always been selfish pork-barrel projects. In a normal world where we didn’t have the incredible corruption and the astounding power-grabs that we have with this administration maybe you could focus on issues but the American people just can’t focus on actual policy when there is such damage to the institution of the government that we are experiencing under the Bush administration. And now that I have written this I tend to agree with the public, not because it is a sexier story but because laws can be repealed. The structural damage to our democracy from these crooks is not so easily remedied.

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