Doing My Homework

So next week I’m blogging from the Clinton Global Initiative. There will be Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens and many other distinguished world leaders (see the list here). So I am doing my homework, studying up. Just today I am learning what to say in case I meet the King of the Pirates.
I expect they will have a little card table set up in a corner where the bloggers will eat.

2 thoughts on “Doing My Homework

  1. Can’t help wondering if a meeting like this can actually accomplish anything beyond mutual admiration, but then I’m a cynic. I sure hope so! The world desperately needs for people of good will to regain the ability to at least speak out with one voice about what’s going on.
    What an opportunity for you and the other bloggers! So you’re gonna give us the inside scoop? This, I think, is the kind of thing for which blogging is so important. I’m so sick of only getting the canned version of the news on the news!

  2. Wow, have fun, Dave! You important person, you!! You will let us non-A-listers know all about the blogging community’s diversity at this gathering, won’t you?

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