Dog Question

Last Saturday night, about 3am, our 9-year-old 70 lbs dog Buddy woke us up pacing, shaking and panting. This kept up for 2-3 hours. He had no fever or other apparent problems. In the morning he was fine, happy, energetic and ate normally. Each day since he has seemed fine during the day, but at night he has been getting us up very late, and panting and shaking for a while.

I took him to the vet Monday and they couldn’t find anything wrong. He had a blood test which was normal. Today he had an ultrasound check of his adrenal gland for any growth and it was normal.

Tonite about 8:45pm he got off his bed and came over, shaking. This lasted about 15 minutes.

Does anyone have any suggetions?

Update – Thanks for the responses. Please keep leaving suggestions! Buddy slept on the bed last night and didn’t wake us up, and wasn’t panting or shaking as far as we know.

An interesting Buddy fact — Buddy was the first picture of a dog ever blogged from a national political convention.

One I’ve been saving for a “Sunday Buddy Blog” but we’ll make it a Saturday Buddy Blog:

Just so the other dog doesn’t feel left out, this is Espresso: