Does the Democratic Party Exist?

A lot of us took some serious flak for not supporting Gore in 2000, and in retrospect we probably deserved it. But I think that the traitors and mercenaries on the other side of the party are actually much more dangerous. I’ve often wondered whether the pros in the Democratic Party actually lose anything when the Democrats lose, and the first story is evidence that they don’t. (Note the words “during campaign”).

The second story leads us to ask, for the thousandth time, why Gore chose Lieberman as his running mate. Is Lieberman even capable of loyalty? His unwillingness to confront the Republicans certainly contributed to the 2000 defeat.

Throw in the fact that the Democrats are dependent on a lot of single-issue voters who are lukewarm at best on most of the Democratic positions, and you have a very weak party.

The accomodationist “New Dem” strategy is usually portrayed as a “realist” non-ideological approach intended to win elections, but I believe that the Democratic apparatchiks are realists mostly in the way they feather their own nests and push their own ideological agendas. A couple of years ago I wrote this piece arguing that the New Democrats have actually weakened the party, and I think that events have confirmed my view.

Kerry adviser worked both sides of the street:

RNC paid $93,000 to McCurry’s firm during campaign

Records show that since the end of April, Grassroots Enterprise has received $93,000 in payments from the RNC for Internet hosting, but Heather Layman, an RNC spokesman, said the Republican Party hired McCurry’s firm to help deliver content to potential voters, not for Web-hosting services.

McCurry joined the Kerry campaign full time in mid-September and before that served the campaign as a member of a task force on religious outreach. McCurry took a leave of absence as chairman of the board of Grassroots when he joined the campaign. He expects to be reinstated as chairman soon.

“For at least the second time in three days, Joe Lieberman is graciously saying that if the president offers him a cabinet position, he’ll take it.”

The most powerful Democratic elected leader in the country opposes abortion. He may be the best hope for the moderation Lieberman says he champions. Was Lieberman consciously snubbing him? Or is he just characterologically incapable of defending the Democratic Party? Either way, unless his goal is to become persona non grata his comments are just pitiful.”

(Yes, I’m back, though still on light duty. I’ve made some progress in my personal affairs in the last two days, and in a couple of weeks I hope to be back to normal.)