Does Bush Denounce This Stuff?

My experience is that ANY time you hear someone use the phrase “politically correct’ you’re dealing with a bigot. I’m not holding my breath for Bush or other Republican leadership to denounce this kind of crap — these are surrogates getting the Republican election messaging out to the public. correct airport screening puts us at risk,

…So when I calmly suggested that there be a “Muslims Only” line at security checkpoints in our airports, Mr. Gross, predictably, almost became unhinged.
…When they’re not suing to remove crosses from public view or fighting for the rights of child molesters, the ACLU loves to complain about “racial profiling.” They don’t like the fact that privately, police officers everywhere admit that profiling is a valuable and effective tool in law enforcement.
… Racial profiling is a tough tactic that can effectively keep another 9/11 from happening again.
..Let’s stop playing politically correct games and being worried about what the ACLU is going to do. This isn’t some charade, this war is real. The terrorists who want to kill us are looking for every opportunity to pounce. It’s time to formally and officially launch profiling in our nation’s airports.
As I often say, not all Muslims are terrorists. But all the terrorists are Muslims.

Timothy McVeigh. Eric Rudolph. And this guy doesn’t even know that Muslims aren’t a “race” – or even that not all Muslims are Middle-Eastern. But, of coure, that’s logic and reason and the right-wing message isn’t about logic or reason, it’s about hatred and bigotry and fear. And it’s used to get votes.

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  1. And don’t forget about the “Beltway Sniper.” Another disgruntled Iraq vet (like McVeigh) who got no support when he came home.

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