Doctoring Audio And Video Clips To Fit The Republican Line

Get ready for a new kind of attack in this year’s campaign.
More and more I am hearing about doctored audio and video circulating. For example, on May 9 conservative news outlets were pushing a story that was based on an audio clip that “spliced and doctored an NPR interview of Al Gore in order to allege that Gore said something which he did not.”
On May 15 “>CNN edited a video clip of Obama communications director Robert Gibbs to remove from the middle of a paragraph his statement about Bush’s Defense Secretary calling for talks with Iran the day before Bush said Obama was an “appeaser” for saying exactly the same thing.
The right and corporate media are becoming more comfortable with this tactic, so check and double-check everything you are hearing to be sure it is true before you let it influence your thinking.
And watch your backs.