Do You Think The Right Is Down For The Count?

Many think the right has been knocked out, down for the count. Many think they won’t be a problem in 2008, a Democratic victory is assured.
Take a look at what happened to the immigration bill last week. Did the concerns of labor or other progressive-aligned groups matter? Not a whit.
But the right’s anti-immigrant, talk-radio-propelled machine cranked up and BOOM! Immigration bill gone.
And, to top it off, even though it was Republican votes that killed it, the “conventional wisdom” word went out that “both parties” killed it.
Don’t think the right’s communication and activation machine isn’t waiting to be used again.
Watch your backs.

1 thought on “Do You Think The Right Is Down For The Count?

  1. Of course they’re neither down nor out. I suspect they like having the Democrats come into office just long enough to clean up the various messes they’ve made so the Dems will get the blame and they get right back in power.

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