I agree with Altercation:

I don’t understand why the DLC thinks its job is to continue to attack liberals, here, much less to do so, as Atrios, points out here, by putting words in the mouth of people who did not say them, but merely hosted them. Me thinks Mr. Peter Ross Range owes a few apologies, while his bosses might want to suggest that he redirect his fire. (By the way, I don’t attack the DLC, though I disagree with much of they say and do. None of us has a monopoly on wisdom. They have turned out to be right and I have turned out to be wrong on a few things of absolutely crucial importance over the years. But really, what is the point of an organization with the words “Democratic” in its name that obsesses over attacking liberals, and then does so on the basis of false accusation?)

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5 thoughts on “DLC

  1. I’m inclined to think that the DLC should be attacked at every opportunity, with the long term goal of destroying it entirely. It is an actual detriment to the Democratic party.
    Holding a serpent to one’s bosom is generally unwise – hurling it away is a touch smarter. Let them join the Republicans since they think they’re right about more things than they think Democrats are.

  2. As I have said a million times, if the decorats cannot purge the DLC they cannot do ANYTHING.

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