Dividers, Not Uniters

I left a comment at this right-wing post, GOP Bloggers: Democrat-MSM Axis Taking Its Toll on Troops:

The article quotes Bush Admin. officials, not “troops.”
This is a blog named “GOP Bloggers” echoing Bush Admin. officials who are repeating the Bush admin line that half of all Americans (60% now) are “traitors.” Nothing more.
When the Republican Party so obviously works to divide the American people rather than bring them together – to the [point of calling 60% of Americans “traitors” – is it any wonder that the public starts to decide that the war is not serious? If it REALLY was a serious situation placing the country in danger you’d be unifying the public not dividing them.

The Party‘s propaganda line is that the country faces the most serious threat since WWII. In a situation like that you would think the people in charge would be working to strengthen the country in every way possible.
But we can all see that they are running the country into massive debt with tax cuts for the rich, cutting education and infrastructure, and doing everything they can to split us apart, north against south, city against country, rich against poor, fundamentalist Christian against everyone else, and accuse 60% of us of being “traitors.”
For example, a right-wing blog has this today, Zarqawi Still Alive, The Left Celebrates, but when you click through to find out what “celebration” they are talking about, this is it:

The death if Zarqawi would be a positive step in fighting terrorism and, one hopes, suppressing the violence in Iraq.

THAT was the “celebration.” THAT was the grounds for accusing people of treason – a hanging offense.
Watch what they DO, not what they say. And watch your backs.

5 thoughts on “Dividers, Not Uniters

  1. Saying it may be a Typekey error is giving GOP Bloggers too much credit. I used to post there fairly often and made sure to keep my comments on topic and non-abrasive (although the “opposition” commentors didn’t ashere to this). Just simply stating a different opinion got me banned from there. Not just comments deleted, but completely banned. The icing on the cake is that that guy banned me from his other site too, even though I hadn’t been posting there in a while.

  2. With all due respect to my fellow progressives, why do you waste your precious time blogging to these bone heads? They drunk the Kool Aid and they are hooked. You will not change their polluted minds. They would support the Bush administration if they declared martial law in this country. Use your time for more important things like writing letters to the editor of your newspaper or letters to your representatives. Just a suggestion.

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