Two years ago our country was attacked by an organization called al-Queda, based in Afghanistan. Now, two years later, our country is tied up in an occupation of Iraq — a country that had nothing whatsoever to do with the September 11, 2001 attack.

ONE country – Afghanistan – provided territory and resources to the al-Queda organization. For reasons that are still not entirely clear to any of us, our government has convinced much of the public that this OTHER country – Iraq – was responsible for what happened to us, and attacked that country.

Meanwhile, while diverting unbelievable amounts of money to cronies of the president’s family, (both from revenue reductions and sweetheart contracts,) driving the once-wealthiest country into severe debt, money needed to protect the public for further attack is not forthcoming.

So much is happening so fast. We are all overwhelmed by the attack on our country’s traditional values. Overwhelming the opposition is a tactic. Bush said yesterday, in another context, that the way to win wars “is to stay on the offensive…” The right knows what they’re doing. And we’re on the defensive, not even able to catch our breath before being hit by next attack on our values. “Healthy Forest Initiative” that lets logging companies profit by cutting down the trees. “Clean Air Initiative” that lets companies profit by polluting the air. School vouchers designed to gut public school funding because “government schools” (and here and here and lots more) indoctrinate children into socialism. The far-right nonsense is endless but THEY ARE IN CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENT!

The historical implications of current events are almost too enormous to hold in the mind.

Update – I left out one important point. While ONE country – Afghanistan – provided territory and resources to the al-Queda organization, the terrorists involved in the September 11, 2001 attack themselves, came primarily from, and are rumored to have been financed by ANOTHER country, Saudi Arabia — A country where the Bush family has extensive business interests. al-Queda’s leader is a member of a family with whom the Bush family has extensive business interests. Meanwhile, Bush and the Republican Party are blocking investigations into failures of government agencies that led to the September 11, 2001 attacks, and into the relationship between Saudi Arabis and the terrorists. What is that all about? And why does Bush and the Repubican Party continue to block attempts to answer those questions? I report, you decide.