Distrusting The Government

Hey, that could be a good blog name, like Seeing the Forest, Smelling the Coffee and Growing the Garden.
A Pew Poll says Distrust in Government Skyrockets.
If you look at the poll you find that trust in government tends to drop through Republican administrations, and then rises through Democratic ones.
Also, there is a huge, well-funded anti-government effort out there with dozens of corporate-funded think tanks, an entire TV network, and all of talk radio. All the time, 20 hours a day, telling the public that government and democracy are bad, and corporations should run things. Marketing works, so I’m not surprised by these results.
One last point. Reading the poll – 142 pages – one thing runs through it. People don’t see what government does for them anymore, and thinks that interests – especially the banks right now – are who the government is representing. I think some of that is people taking much of what the government does for granted, like roads, bridges, police, etc. I think some of it is that a huge amount of the spending is on things like military — currently more than a $trillion for everything related to the military budget — and interest on the Reagan/Bush debt.