Discussing The Movie

Thanks to The Sideshow I learned of this, at A Level Gaze:

“These guys voted to send thousands of our young men and women into harm’s way. These guys voted to kill a whole mess of Iraqis. These guys voted to blow over 100 billion dollars in the interest of doing so.

It would seem to me that if you vote for those kinds of things, you’d better mean it. In one sense, saying the goal was worth risking your child’s life, being willing to make a sacrifice, the same sacrifice that countless families here and in Iraq are making, would be an appropriate statement of such.

We have a professional, volunteer army. You can choose not to join. That’s how the system works. Congressmen’s sons are, well, fortunate. Most of them have better choices available to them than to make a career in the armed forces. They go to college and to graduate school, they get jobs, and their family name opens a lot of doors for them. For a congressman to say that his son or daughter should be put into the Middle Eastern meatgrinder when there are better choices available would be stupid.

There’s actually an easy and correct answer to this question: “Yes I would. I believe in this war. It’s vitally important that we win, and we need every soldier we can get to make sure we do. I can’t force my son to join, but I wouldn’t stand in his way. In fact, I’d salute him.” Boom. End of question.”

Have you noticed the full-scale media assault on Moore’s movie? I have yet to see an HONEST criticism of the movie. And the moderates I see and read all seem cowed into picking up the right-wing line that there are “factual errors” in the movie. Bull. They can’t make that case without making up stuff about what the movie says.

And I have yet to see a single media outlet investigate the points Moore is making. Fat fucking chance of that, huh? How did Moore phrase it in the movie? “Imagine what they’d be saying if the Clinton administration had arranged to fly the McVeigh family out of the country after the OKC bombing.” HOW many investigations of the Clinton administration did the Congress and Justice Department and press conduct? Has there been even ONE of the Bush administration?