Maybe I haven’t been writing as much lately because I just feel overwhelmed and discouraged, and that it’s useless to keep pointing things out. For example, these two stories, about items released by the Bush administration on Friday afternoons – so that the stories are “buried” and the public never hears about them. First, U.S. May Expand Access To Endangered Species:

The Bush administration is proposing far-reaching changes to conservation policies that would allow hunters, circuses and the pet industry to kill, capture and import animals on the brink of extinction in other countries.

And this, also released late Friday, Bush eases mining rules:

The Bush administration announced Friday that it would start allowing companies that mine gold, silver and other precious metals as much public land as they need to help them develop their claims.

I often say that one way to learn about Republicans is to listen to what they accuse others of, and then realize that their tactic is to cover their OWN motives an actions by accusing others of those very things. (Another long, convoluted sentence. Does this one get the prize?) For example, they were accusing Clinton of being corrupt and immoral — and now look at the Bush administration, the most corrupt and immoral in history. Or how about Bill Bennett being the “morality” guy? And, of course, Mr. Judgement himself Rush Limbaugh.

What I’m getting at is, they accuse everyone else of being evil…

So they have this tactic of releasing news like this on Friday afternoons so the story gets “buried” in weekend WORKS. How do we get the public to understand that things like this are happening? I hope everyone reading this is doing all they can to get people reading online news sources like BuzzFlash, and weblogs like this one!