Dirty Tricks & Differences

I’m watching Governor Dean’s declaration of candidacy on the web, and have to make one comment. I see that the Green Party is practicing Republican-style dirty tricks. They’re trying to ruin his announcement by holding up a giant Vote Green sign right behind him, so it’s the backdrop that everyone sees. Nasty. I think it says a lot about the Greens that they emulate the Republican model of no respect for others.

Another thing I notice is that there are no goons “escorting” the sign holder away from the camera’s view. We all know what would happen if someone tried this at a Republican rally. I wonder what would happen if Dean peop-le tried this at a Green rally? We don’t know because they haven’t – in fact they have reached out to the Greens.

Update –OK, I was unfair to the Greens there. It was one or two people holding up that sign, not the Green Party. I was trying to provoke a couple of regular Green commenters I have here, but I was a little too harsh. Sorry. And the darn comments aren’t even working today anyway.